This page offers a guide to get the most out of Dr. Lock’s self-help exercises – both the audio recordings and readings:

  1. While listening, open document titled, “Self help exercise Feeling Dealing and Healing handouts” and review the PowerPoints for that talk.
  2. Read document titled, “Self help exercise Integrative journal writing edited by Dr Lock” and begin to practice journaling.
  1. Review the following related to Handout 5 and Handout 6
  1. Practice soulfulness (also called mindfulness) and relaxation”
  1. Listen to the audio recording, “Self help exercise Soulfulness talk by Dr Lock”.
  2. If you are looking for soulfulness meditations, you can find a lot online and many apps that offer meditations. One free website is: https://www.freemindfulness.org/download
  3. If you would like a Catholic focused soulfulness meditation, consider the “Fear is Useless” recording of Dr. Conrad Baars (or other recordings of Dr. Baars) available here: https://www.baarsinstitute.com/shop/p/speak-lord-an-aid-to-meditation-be-still-an-aid-to-contemplation-digital-download




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